Organic Weed Control

Growing food organically is safer for us and for our environment.

Following is a summarized list of things one can do to deal with weeds without using harmful synthetic herbicides.

This list is not all-inclusive as there are many different ways to garden organically.

Be proactive !

Remove weeds when small and/or before they go to seed


Mulch using compost, fall leaves, pine needles, grass clippings.

Avoid wood mulch in the beds as the decomposition can create nitrogen deficiency. In the paths, wood mulch is less harmful


Smothering is helpful for really agressive weeds or converting grass to a bed.

It is less disruptive to the soil than tilling.

Smothering can be done using landscape fabric, cardboard, newspaper, paper grocery bags, builders paper.

These can have a top layer of compost/soil

Avoid tilling

May bring up dormant seeds from deeper levels of the soil

May harm the beneficial organisms that help to break down organic matter that the plants then use.

Cover crops

Using cover crops during off season can prevent sunlight from reaching weeds.

Gardener friendly weeding tools

Action / stirrup hoe

Collinear Hoe

Tap root puller

Pick up tool




Soap and/or vinegar sprays (May harm beneficials)