Organic Pest Control

Growing food organically is safer for us and for our environment.

Following is a summarized list of things one can do to deal with pests without using harmful synthetic pesticides.

This list is not all-inclusive as there are many different ways to garden organically.

Problem... Potential Solution...
Disease and pest problems in general Compost, companion planting, crop rotation, avoid using wood mulch
Deer, rabbits, groundhogs Fence
Deer, rabbits, groundhogs, stinkbugs and more Repellent sprays (made from garlic, hot peppers, egg, mint, catnip and more)
Deer Motion activated sprinkler
Squash bugs, slugs Placing a board next to plants and check underneath in the morning. Also, diatomaceous earth (1)
Squash bugs Floating row covers. Remove when plants start to flower.
Slugs Beer ponds, coffee grounds, copper strips around the pot
Slugs, caterpillers, squash bugs and more Picking pests off with your hands (also eggs)
Caterpillars Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis)
Japanese beetles Scout for scouts (Put them in jar of water next to plant)
Grubs Beneficial nematodes
Rodents, groundhogs Traps
Rodents, insects Cats, chickens, frogs or snakes.
Aphids Sharp spray of water
Fungal diseases Avoid watering leaves, avoid overcrowding, compost tea
Fungal diseases, aphids and more Neem oil
Birds Netting
(1) May harm beneficials